Richard works in the entertainment, music, dance and production industry.  He is a TV and film choreographer and creative director, for many years.  Most recently, Richard has directed his own screen productions.  Being creative Richard naturally joined our fundraising and communications team where he is able to utilise his filming and production skills to help raise awareness and offer fundraising ideas. 

I was inspired by my partner Lizzie to join a refugee charity group. She had read The Beekeeper of Aleppo, a moving, powerful and courageous refugee story, and subsequently started looking into volunteering to help refugees. I immediately knew I wanted to do the same.

Lizzie hooked me up with Reset Communities and Refugees who in turn arranged for me to meet with the wonderful Alaa and Nouha from BWR. As Syrian born volunteers, they explained how the group worked and what its objectives were. I expressed an interest to work on the fundraising team and joined the next available zoom meeting. Having never worked with a non-profit organisation of this kind before, I was a little nervous for my first meeting, however, everyone was so welcoming, and the meeting was impressive productive…I was in!

My background is in entertainment, music, dance and production. I have been a TV and film choreographer and creative director for many years and have recently produced and directed my own screen productions. As a creative it made sense for me to join the fundraising and Comms group where I am able to utilise my filming and production skills to help raise awareness and offer fund raising ideas.

BWR is a well-run organisation with a good, friendly and inspiring team and I look forward to every meeting. It’s a joy to work with a group of people who bring a huge wealth of experience to what we do and come from a broad range of backgrounds, life experiences and ages.

There have been many personal benefits of volunteering with the group so far. Every meeting gives me a positive sense of fulfilment in knowing I’m helping towards improving the lives of people and families that have left all their belongings, family memories and friends to escape danger and build a new life.

It has also increased my knowledge about refugees and given me a greater understanding into the struggles and processes that refugees face on a day-to-day basis. It definitely has contributed towards giving me a sense of purpose, especially during the pandemic. Oh! and I’m loving the weekly Arabic language sessions run by the Arabic speaking members of the team!

BWR is a humble little group with a big heart. It’s a great way to meet new people and put your skills and experience to good use. I am very much looking forward to the day we receive our first refugee family in London and welcome them into their new community.

You can support us to resettle a refugee family and help them to build a new and sustainable life by donating to our Just Giving page