Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How can I get involved with Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees?

We are always looking for support with our work and there are a number of ways to get involved.  In particular we are looking for Arabic speakers, social welfare expertise but whatever skills you can offer, get in contact with us.

Q. If I volunteer how much of my time will it take up?

We do not ask you to commit to a number of hours each week, if you decide to become involved with our work, we can mutually agree on the amount of your involvment.  We understand that personal and working life comes first and there are always times when it is impossible to commit.

Q. Do I need any training?

Through our partnership with Citizens UK and RESET there are optional workshops on offer, that may be of interest to your development.   During the current situation, this is conducted online.

Q. Are there any employment opportunities with Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees?

We are a community sponsorship team of volunteers, none of us are paid a salary for our work and we have no plans to employ anyone.

Q. How is Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees funded?

We raise funds for our work by organising fundraising events and support from the general public.  All money raised goes towards our work.

Q. Does Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees fund other projects?

Unfortunately, we are a non-grant giving organisation and do not have the funds to support individuals or other non-profit organisations.

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